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Made a New-Year's resolution in 2012
to drink and explore craft beer. Makin'
good on my promise.

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    Made a trip out to Baeltane Brewing with Kiel this afternoon so he could pick up some kegs for The Abbey. I had so much fun. Allan, the brewmaster for Baeltane, gave us a private sampling of some of the stuff he’s been working on which included his Venus in Blue Jeans (a Belgian Strong Ale), En Suite Sauvage (a take on his En Suite Saison, but brewed with raspberries), Mon Coeur Chocolate Ale (brewed for Valentine’s Day) and Mon Coeur Sauvage (chocolate ale with raspberries), Corsair Dark Strong Ale, and Paleo Belgo, which is a Pale Ale brewed with two types of oranges and coriander. I’ve also had their Bolero Double IPA down at The Abbey. I had mentioned to Allan that I was really excited to try his Sable black IPA when it was ready and that I always bug Kiel about getting a keg of it, so Allan walked into the fermenting room with a piece of Tupperware and pulled some right from the tun for me. It was a trip because it was warm and un-carbonated. It was a really great experience.

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